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Pink & Burgundy

(Jacket: here, Shirt: here, Skirt: here, Bag: here, Shoes: here, Lipstick: here)

Photos by Joe Galvin

London Fashion Week is a funny one for me, for a long time I’ve not really seen it as my place to be at the shows- and constantly find myself in a ‘would people even read my show posts’ flunk when the time rolls around. I watch Instagram and Twitter updates as if they were part of a film, or something I’m looking in on from the outside. It all looks exciting, glamorous (albeit a lot of hard work) and a lot of fun- and it does make me wonder (in the most Carrie Bradshaw of ways), whether I should give fashion week a proper chance. I remember my first season I did with cosmopolitan Magazine and it literally feeling like the most exciting week of my life- I’d never felt so honoured to be in a room amongst so many creative and talented people- and getting to see the shows was something I’d never had imagined. Since then I’ve mainly stuck to my trusty (and favourite) Orla Kiely presentation (which is always stunning)- but would love to know whether anyone would read a full week of LFW coverage here? Be it shows, street style and personal style- answers on a postcard please!

Anyway- less of my fashion rambles! For the Saturday of fashion week, Joe and I popped into town, and I couldn’t help but pop on my favourite Autumn look from Reiss. There’s something I love about the combination of summer pastels meeting autumnal berry hues, and the contrast of baby soft faux fur and wintery leather was something that certainly made me feel ready for the new season. Pair that with the daintiest little box bag and courts- and I almost felt ready to brave the cobbles carpark…

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