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There's recipes a plenty, some inspirational ladies and some seventies sartorial nods throughout 2015 - stay tuned for a busy year!


New Season Wishing…

(From top left: Dress: Here, Pink Skirt: Here, Blouse: Here, Lace Dress: Here, Glitter Shoes: Here, Cat Bag: Here, Space Dress: Here, Sheer Blouse: Here, Pink Bag: Here, Burgundy Pumps: Here – All via Farfetch

Because a little Far-Fetched day dreaming never did any debit cards any harm, right? Right?

It’s been a long time since I’ve featured a wishlist over here hasn’t it? Looking back I think it’s been a good four years since I’ve curated anything with all of the dreamy items living in my bookmarks, but with a new sparkly season just arriving (and lots of things I have my sneaky eye on)- I thought I’d share a little Autumn list of some of the things that are currently inspiring my sartorial choices (even if they’re solely for day dreams)…

After scouring through one of my favourite online boutiques, Farfetch (who I’m currently working with, which is verrrry exciting)- I definitely established that my OTP is anything gold and glittery with pink- stat. I also got to discover some seriously beautiful new collections from the likes of Valentino (think planets, stars and constellations), Dolce & Gabanna (rich florals, glitter and Emin inspired embroidery) as well as everyone’s bohemian favourite, Chloe. I can definitely think of worse ways to while away a few hours! What are your most desired this season? Answers on a postcard!


Post in collaboration with Farfetch, but love of clothes, online shopping and hours spent making wishlists in Photoshop all my own

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