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How To Pack For A Music Festival

How to pack for a weekend in the mud…

I’d like to think over the last eight years I’ve become pretty well acquainted with the whole ‘packing for a festival’ malarky. Having braved the Benicassim heat in a tent for 7 days, plodded through the deepest mud in Glastonbury and battled the pouring rain for a main-stage afternoon set at Reading- I’m almost entirely confident in knowing what few items will carry me through a musical weekend, come rain or shine!

This year, Carrie and I are heading to Reading- one of my favourite British festivals, with Swarovski (one of my favourite jewellery brands), to indulge in a weekend of amazing artists (I refuse to miss Slaves and Wolf Alice) and some festival food too! Fortunately this time carrie and I are hitting up a nearby hotel (meaning a little more room to pack some special pieces), but having been pretty well versed in the festival packing department, thought I’d shed some light on my must-packs if you’re heading yourself!

Dressing for the occasion…

When it comes to festival dressing, it’s one of my favourite times to experiment with my style and channel my inner Florence Welch to the fullest. Although I don’t take any favourite pieces in fear of damaging or staining them, I love taking second hand or old favourites for a spin- plus, with the amount of vintage stalls at festivals, you can really pick up some bargains whilst you’re there too! If, like me, you’re a little scared about ruining your best clothes- my top tip is to channel everything in to your accessorising, and adding a bit of sparkle to even the most simple outfit. I’ve picked out some Swarovski favourites to take with me this year, in the form of layering necklaces (which pair perfectly with simple blouses), stacking rings and a chunky bangle– so I can rest assured all of my looks have a special finishing touch (and without worrying about any mud not coming off in the wash)! On top of that, delicate accessories are the easiest thing to pack- space saving and sparkly? Don’t mind if I do… Stay tuned for a follow up post and video on how I styled my pieces too!

Don’t forget!

Rainmac (or waterproof) | Wellies | Cosy socks | A big sweatshirt | Some old, or vintage finds | Sunglasses | A bag with a zip | Some jewellery to glitz things up (I’ve gone for the Delta necklace, Domino bangle , Daphne set and Daphne necklace) | Back up layers | Nude and black tights | A hat/headband for bad hair days | Bandana

The bare necessities…

These are the things I wouldn’t go without (bar a ticket and money, obvs). I’m pretty regimented when it comes to pre-planning at festivals, and refer to pre-published event planners to get an idea of who I want to see, who’s clashing and when people are on. I’m also pretty good when it comes from detaching from the ‘net when I’m away, so swear by taking a topped up old phone (if you can bear to be without Instagram, on this occasion I’ll be documenting my adventure over on my account) and a disposable camera too (it makes coming home and getting everything developed so much fun too)!

Don’t forget!

A preprinted gig planner and pen | Disposable camera | An old phone | Loo roll | Vapour rub (trust me on this, the loos will almost be bearable) | Dry snacks | A torch

The ace-of-face…

Travel minis were made for festivals, and this is where all those magazine-freebie perfume samples come in super handy too! I tend to stick to my normal make up for festivals (bar anything non-essential)- but find a bright lipstick and winged eyeliner are the perfect remedies if you’re not feeling your best! I also swear (as do most girls) on a good dry shampoo for disguising any bad hair, as well as plenty of bobby pins- to finally master the heidi braid in the fields!

Don’t forget!

Dry shampoo | Hand sanitiser | Face and baby wipes | Bright lipsticks | Deodrant and perfume (mini bottles are best) | Glitter (because it’s socially acceptable at festivals) | Hairbands | Hairspray | Liquid Eyeliner

Post in collaboration with Swarvoski– join me over at Reading with Swarovski over at @livpurvis on Twitter and Instagram, and by following the hashtag, #SwarovskiSummer


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