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Current Favourites: August 2015…

The monthly must-haves…

So, seeing as I’m a little irregular with the ol’ favourites posts (clearly this gal can’t commit to a monthly upload)- I thought I’d pull together a general ‘current’ favourites post, filled with everything from prints, food and books- and things that have been keeping my chin up over the last 30 or so days!

Rosie Wonders Illustration: Now, if you haven’t come across Rosie’s gorgeous work before, where have you been? I first spotted Rosie’s gorgeous work in Liberty (whilst whiling away more time than necessary in my beloved stationary room), and have since followed her on Instagram and fallen in love with both her alphabet work, jewellery, icons illustrations (how beautiful is her Amy drawing?), denim jackets and seriously cool (and so-good-they-could-be-real) temporary tattoos.

The Coffee Table Loves:
The first thing on the top of my ‘when I get a house’ list- is a bloody massive coffee table; namely so I can display all of these beautiful books 24/7 and can look at more than just their spine when they’re not being read. My current favourites are some gifts I kindly received for my birthday (my friends know their stuff) and include this Retro Design book, Chloe Sevigny’s book (more than just uber cool pictures) and this amazing book about denim- which is seriously inspiring stuff!

The Power-House Mini Camera:
After my parents decided to take my vlogging camera and adopt it as their own, I was on the hunt for a compact, high quality and easy to use camera for filming and taking quick shots for when my DSLR wasn’t practical. Meet the Olympus PEN- you’ve probably seen it gracing your Instagram feeds (it’s a beaut of a camera after all)- and there’s a reason it’s become a bit of a blogger must-have (think the new Michael Kors watch, only waaaay more practical). With a flip screen (meaning no more filming my torso sans head)- I’m so excited to get vlogging more with this bad boy. On top of that, let’s chat about the strap situ- my pal (and photographer extraordinaire) Julia, designed this beautiful number alongside Sail Handmade and it turns your standard strap into a pretty lovely accessory- get yours here with 10% off using the code ‘STYLONYLON10’.

My New Favourite Afternoon Tea:
I’ve already included it in my afternoon tea guide and Regent Street post, but how could I not mention it again? Just to really bang on about it a little more (“Sing a different song Liv!” I hear you cry!) I thought I’d include Sketch’s afternoon tea of dreams in here, just in case you needed a bit of Sunday foodie inspiration- plus, with a bag that pretty, how could I not? Tempted to start wearing it out as a full blown accessory…

The New Dancing Shoes:
After spotting these in their ‘New In’ section and falling in love, these River Island flats quickly became my new favourite shoes to wear, be it with jeans, a certain purple dress a la Alexa- and pretty much everything in between. Not only are they uber comfortable and leg lengthening (this girl needs all the length she can get)- but they’re totally timeless too, and I know they’ll be just as great come winter with some 180 deniers!

EYI Letter Print:
Okay, so e.y.ilove have beautiful simplistic prints, paper stationary and calligraphy down to a tee. Whether you’re after a calligraphy masterclass (always incredibly tempting), stunning foil prints to Pinterest-up your pad, wedding gifts (or stationary for that matter)- they have it sorted.

Rosie Wonders | Retro Design | Chloe Sevigny Book | A Denim Story | Olympus PEN & Camera Strap | Afternoon Tea | River Island Shoes | EYI Print

And the foodie faves…

Coori: Now, a lot of my friends unfortunately can’t eat gluten, which means going out for my favourite Italian food can sometimes be a little unfavourable. But wait- there’s now a monthly (or weekly) subscription box, which not only offers homemade and imported gluten free favourites, but Italian classics including foccacia, gnocchi, and even profiteroles too. On top of that, their chef Claudia also includes the key ingredients to make a handful of meals throughout the month, meaning you can experiment a little in the kitchen too (with each month adhering to a different theme)- yum!

The TasteBox: Although there’s a handful of ~ok~ monthly subscription snack boxes out there, I’ve really loved trying out the TasteBox this month. With two flavoured tea bags, five snack packs for each day of the week (one even had brownie bites, not just nuts, kids), an illustration from an emerging illustrator (SUCH a cool idea) as well as a free download from various emerging bands and DJs- which definitely makes snacking a hella more fun, emirate? To sample this for free yourself, head here and pop in the code ‘bebop-8654’.

Remeo: Surely I really don’t need to mention any other word than ‘gelato’, for this to be totally obviously a hero eat this month. Well, let me stop you in your tracks there buddy, not only is this Italian gelato (yup, it’s made in Italy weekly and shipped over) all natural and gluten free (and in the cutest jars that help keep ’em fresh), but it’s bloody delicious too. With five classic and ultimately fail safe flavours, they’re the ice-cream force to be reckoned with.

Coori | Tastebox | Remeo


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