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I don’t know about you…

Pastel Rainbow Cake

… but I’m feeling 22!

Now I wonder how many people have waited to say that– thanks Tay Tay! Today is my 22nd birthday, and although this was supposed to be a recipe post (thanks broken oven #undercooked) I decided to not put the cake to waste and throw a one man online party to celebrate the big 2-2 and another pretty special occasion, my blog’s 5th birthday too! Although it isn’t officially until he end of the month (I think, I don’t advise people to delve that far back into these archives)- when there’s two reasons to celebrate, it’d be rude to not have cake, right?

So, as I can’t offer you all a party bag filled with a slice of something other than this cake (because I’m pretty sure it looks better than it tastes, definitely the outside that counts on this occasion) I thought I’d take a little moment to say thank you. I can’t quite believe I’ve been waffling over on here for five years, enough to now call it my profession (which felt really really strange typing) and enough to have developed one of the most dedicated, kind and lovely readerships out there (who are also tolerant enough to cope with my bad puns, awkward ‘smizing’ and still-very-much-in-development Youtube videos)- but it absolutely means the world to me, and I feel incredibly lucky every time I log in to see that someone has clicked, commented or left a little thought here too.

I won’t get all VMA’s speech on yo’ asses (because goodness knows I’ve done that so many times before, and I know internet Kanye could well interrupt), but thank you for sticking about (not just you mum and dad). I’d also like to know if there’s anything else you’d like to see more (or less of) over on here! I’m working on a bit of a layout rejig at the moment, so if there’s any new features you’d love to see, pages that are absolutely essential or anything in-between I’d love to know too, after all- it’d be nice if I could keep you sticking about until my 23rd, wouldn’t it?

Pastel Rainbow Cake

(Thank you to Talking Tables for the gorgeous party pieces too, new fave site alert!)


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