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Visiting Whitstable…

Whitstable Rock Shop
Fish shop Whitstable

It’s no secret that I’m a fan of the great British seaside. Having family in Hastings means trips to the coast have always been partial to us Purvis’- but it’s no secret that I’ll hop on a train to Brighton at any free chance- and the thought of eventually seeing the infamous Blackpool tower is strangely sometimes more exciting than a certain Eiffel one. So, naturally on a recent rainy Bank Holiday, I kindly insisted (like a toddler clinging to it’s mums leg on the first day of school) that we visit the seaside, Whitstable, to be exact.

Whitstable Graffiti

Although I’ve only ever visited previously once with my grandparents- Whitstable holds a wonderful little place in my heart- and is definitely a costal town that id describe as quintessentially British. With candy floss pastel licked houses, gawping gulls and bundles of independent shops poking out from every other door- it’s exceptionally easy to fall in love with the place- so I couldn’t help but pop together a small list of some of my favourite discoveries, incase any of you fancied heading by during these final days of summer…

Frank Whitstable

Although I’ve only visited Whitstable twice, this gorgeous graphic design and art shop is always top of my list of places to visit. Filled with independent designers and artists- Frank holds host to so many amazing things- from gifts, posters, original artworks and even some gorgeous cards and children’s books. I think I even spotted a certain Tatty Devine on their shelves once! The perfect place to pick up a postcard, and certainly one you wouldn’t have seen before.

Frank: 65 Harbour Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AG

Wheeler's Oysters Whitstable
Wheeler's Oysters Whitstable
Although I’d be lying if I’d said I’d visited this lovely little place before, it’s one spot in Whitstable that’s incredibly hard to miss (especially when you have an eye for a good pastel wall like us bloggers), and is somewhere that certainly encapsulates everything lovely about the British seaside. As mentioned, although I’ve never eaten at Wheelers, I’ve heard some very good things for those oyster-and-fish-inclined, so will definitely be making tracks back here soon.

Wheelers: 8 High St, Whitstable CT5 1BQ

Harbour Books
Harbour Books Whitstable
Harbour Books Whitstable
It seems that if there’s one thing I find exceptionally hard to do when shopping, it’s to walk past a bookshop without going inside. Harbour Books was obviously no exception, and as well as having all of the current Bestsellers, was filled with beautiful greetings cards, poster prints and other miscellaneous loveliness, which of course resulted in me doing a little shopping. Can’t blame a girl, can you?

Harbour Books: 21 Harbour St, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1AQ

Anchors Aweigh Vintage
Anchors Aweigh Vintage Whitstable
Although only little, this quaint vintage and antiques shop sits happily a couple of shops down from Frank, and is piled high with vintage fabrics, trinkets and home ware (if you’re anything like me, you’ll melt at the sight of all of the pretty tins) as well as one off clothing pieces, some of which are reworked and shortened, so everything is ready to wear, minus any sewing machine malarkey- a must visit!

Anchors Aweigh Vintage: 63 Harbour Street, Whitstable, CT5 1AG

Flory & Black
Flory and Black Whitstable
I’m a sucker for a home ware shop, and Flory & Black oozed the perfect mix of ‘things you didn’t realize you needed until you saw them’ and gorgeous delicate jewellery pieces hidden amongst the shelves. With accessories from Alphabet Bags hiding amongst the stock too- it’s the perfect place to pop by for gifts (that’s for you, and other people- ahem).

Flory & Black: 54 Harbour St, Whitstable, Kent CT5 1AQ

Waltshaw's Whitstable
If you’re fancying a beach picnic, or even somewhere to hide from the rain (which was definitely us)- Waltshaw’s is the perfect place to pick up some supplies, which are all homemade and wonderfully fresh. On top of that, their sea salt brownies are absolutely delicious (so much so that we took away some for the road too).

Waltshaw’s: 19 Harbour St, Whitstable CT5 1AQ

Samphire Whitstable
Samphire Whitstable
Samphire was the first place we stumbled across when we visited on a recent wet bank holiday, and was the perfect hideaway for a mid-morning Sunday lunch. With a menu boasting some delicious fresh fish dishes, an incredible antipasti selection which was practically inhaled and some other eggy brunch classics, it’s the perfect place to watch the world go by (so much so that there’s even a window seat where you can guzzle down lunch whilst spying on passers by).

Samphire: 4 High St, Whitstable CT5 1BQ

The Cheese Box
The Cheese Box Whitstable
The Cheese Box Whitstable
It feels silly to explain why a visit to a shop solely dedicated to cheese would ever make a ‘places to visit’ guide, so I won’t go in to too much detail- bar the fact that this shop is sells ALL of the cheeses and if you have as much of a soft spot for this diary based heaven as I do, you’ll know The Cheese Box is worth a little visit.

The Cheese Box: 59-61 Harbour St, Whitstable CT5 1AG

Beach Shop Whitstable
Whitstable Rock Shop

Do you have any seaside must- visits? I’m always on the look out for hidden gems so let me know- sharing is caring!


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