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How to have a solo pamper evening…

How to have a solo pamper evening What Olivia Did

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt since being self employed, it’s how important it is to actually take some time out for yourself- be it a couple of hours every evening (she says, typing this post at 11:49 on a Monday night) or first thing in the morning, to ease yourself in to the day. It’s funny- a lot of people would think it’s the polar opposite (trust me, I really don’t spend all day working from my bed. Well not every day) and most of the time being based online, and your own boss, makes it incredibly hard to switch off- especially when there’s no-one to tell you to shut down your laptop at 5:30- meaning late nights, endless refreshing and sudden email-replies all become a second nature.

Recently however, I’ve learnt the pleasure of a solo pamper evening. Essentially sparing an hour or two to make yourself feel a little bit human again and remembering that sometimes bubble baths are just as exciting as new Twitter updates. So, here are a few of my top tips for unwinding after a long day- whether you’re based in an office or your bed, it’s certainly important to take 5!

Step 1: Pick the PJS

Hush Pyjamas

As silly as it sounds, wearing a pair of lovely PJS to bed, can make you feel almost as special as wearing a lovely dress to work. Whether it’s an old, freshly washed pair that have been sitting on the radiator (mmm), or a recent little indulgence, getting cosy before bed is a favourite past time (wild? me?) and this Hush pair are seeing me through many a dream time!

Step 2: Get in the chill mood

If you’re planning on chilling in the bath for a little while, and know the candle will be attended, pick out your favourite scent and fill the room with your favourite scent. Joe’s mum recently did me a candle-lit bath when I was feeling a little under the weather, and I’m pretty sure at the end I was so relaxed I could have stayed there all night (#prunefingers)- absolutely lovely!

Step 3: Get cleansing and masking!

Elemis Facial Products
I was recently sent a couple of Elemis treats to test, and in a completely unbiased voice- they are beautiful. I mentioned the cleanser in my favourites video, but it’s absolutely wonderful- and makes for the perfect face mask-cum-cleanser if you want to unwind and give your skin a bit of TLC. Alternatively pick up a mask in your local supermarket as a little treat- you’ll feel far better for it!

Step 4: Run that bath

Lush Bath Bomb Body Shop Moisturiser

If you’re not feeling a loaded up bubble bath (which, let’s face it- who isn’t) pick out your favourite bath ballistic (cough, Lush, cough) and fill your bath with pretty colours and heavenly scents. I also like to prepare some post bath moisturising too, and have currently been loving this Body Shop Argan Oil body moisturiser, which, as you can imagine is super nourishing!

Step 5: Pick post bath treats

Origins Drink Up Mask Clinique Lip Balm
Once you’re fully relaxed, it’s time to get that face ready for bed! It’s no secret that I absolutely love this Origins Drink Up mask, and it’s the perfect all-night facial treat, meaning I wake up feeling just as good as I did when I first put it on. I also pop on a favourite lip balm before bed- just to avoid any lip chapping!

Another thing that I’ve realised since being ‘grown up’ is how bloody exciting bath products are. I remember getting bubble bath sets for Christmas when I was about 7 and not feeling half as excited as I do now (not ungrateful, just unaware of their pure magic)- and now they are the thing I hunt out in my free moments in Boots- and yes, it’s totally acceptable to have a bubble bath for every day of the week- an old proverb once said ; )!

I’m also thinking of putting a little tips post together about how to be the most productive when working from home- so let me know if you’d like to see that too!


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