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With magazine placements on the side, 2013 was the last year I juggled blogging as a side gig. Things get a bit girlier in the style department too, with a lorra love for the sixties and a 'hive!


Sharing the love with Boohoo Part 1…

I’m a big lover of Valentine’s day. I love the level of cheese, I love businessmen carrying roses on the way home, I love gooey eyed couples and I love the fact Magic Radio (I wasn’t listening, promise) plays some crazy love tunes all day on the 14th. But when I was contacted by the lovely girls at a couple of weeks ago (along with four other amazing bloggers), asking to #sharethelove alongside their new campaign I jumped at the chance- and loved the thought of making Valentine’s a little more special and not just about said soppy romance.

By giving each of us the kind gift of £200 each to do some lovely things with, we were asked to be as inventive as we liked- and after spending a while deliberating what it should go towards (I completely adore how FFG chose to spend it on the animals at Battersea Cats and Dogs home- such an incredible cause), I opted on spending it on those that mean the most to me, and certainly deserve a little treat and love sharing.

My first thought was to take my mum and nan out for lunch. I can’t put in to words how special these ladies are to me, and how much they do for me on a day to day basis (with my nan’s hilarious sense of humour brightening up a grey day instantly)- so giving a little back and treating them to a slap up meal (along with a couple of treats from their lovely gift shop) seemed the perfect option. My mum is one of the most hard working and admirable people in my life, she works tirelessly seven days a week- and is without a doubt the most selfless and kind woman I have ever met- so being able to do something like this is just a small way of saying thank you, and how truly grateful I am for everything she does.

I also treated another special lady in my life; my best friend Gemma. Having been solid (SOL-EED) pals with this girl since the ripe old age of 11, she has been there for me through thick and thin (and my helmet hair phase) and I could not ask for a better partner in crime- and I’m pretty sure I don’t thank her half as much as I should for being the best friend a girl could have. So, I hopped to Topshop and made up a parcel of a few things I think she’d love (including an appropriate chocolate treat) and filled a cheesy card with a few heart-felt words (soz for gettin’ deep Gem)…

Now, that sure ain’t it. I wanted the money to go as far as possible, so have split this post into two parts- the second which will be posted next week and filled with a few more love sharing endeavours. Until then check out Boohoo’s hashtag #sharethelove for some belated Valentine’s goodness.


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