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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...


They wanna get my gold on the ceiling

(Coat: Topshop, Shirt: Topshop, Jeans: American Apparel, Shoes: Le Bunny Bleu, Bag: Mulberry, Sunglasses: Free with Cosmo!)

With September drawing in, and the latter latter quarter of the year approaching, it felt almost foolish not to jump at the first opportunity to buy, and therefore parade around in a new winter coat. Being prone to leaving it until the chills of November, moments after falling in love with this boyfriend style coat, it was mine. Although an arguably irresponsible purchase for late August, I took to wearing it on my shoulders (like a big camel cape) as soon as I heard the evening would be ‘mild to cool’ (fear not, I am still hoping for a heatwave).

Anyway, having received the coolest book for my birthday earlier this year, listing the best places for tea and cake in the capital- Gemma and I decided to pay a visit to Holborns ‘Fleet River Bakery’ to sample their sugary and home baked offerings. Sitting out on the pavement, in the afternoon sunshine, sipping on an Earl Grey in some dark and mysterious sunglasses (free from a magazine- but noone has to know); I’ve never felt so Parisian. Sampling the carrot cake, it was so filling it could almost pass as a full meal (veg included) and the buzzing atmosphere made the perfect partner to some roadside afternoon relaxation.


With fresh food prepared on site each day, and a selection from cakes, quiches, salads, soups, breakfast and sandwiches- there’s certainly something for every appetite- and I look forward to sampling some more!


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