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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...

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I’m no teenage icon, I’m no Frankie Avalon

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(Florence and The Machine, Good Shoes, The Drums, We Are Scientists)

If you’ve read my blog for any period of time, you’ll know that to me, music is pretty much as important to me as fashion. Although it rarely plays a huge part in my outfit posts and general lifestyle content, even down to the lyric titles (which I probably spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about). I’ve been thinking a while about including some more music related content into my blog, whether it be playlists, reviews or anything else; but thought I’d begin with some of my favourite live gig photographs.

(The Drums, The Vaccines, Lykke Li, The Drums, Spector, Florence, Spector )

Whether it be a small record shop tucked away in the depths of East London, to sneaking my DSLR into one of my favourite gig venues (not always recommended) I always try and make sure I have some way of recording my favourite gigs, and you get to know which venues will accept which cameras (many only take small digital compact ones), meaning you can certainly prepare!

(The Vaccines, Tribes, Spector, Smith Westerns, Tribes)

Having never had the privilege of a photographer of press pass to a gig, I’ve managed to make do and have selected some of my favourite photos I’ve taken (on film, with a Nikon D40 and Canon 500d). Additionally, to get the best pictures I can, I’m usually nerding it up at the front hours before the band begin and playing around with settings ensuring I don’t get too many blurred snaps, however I’ve heard tales of awesome iPhone snaps!

I’d love to hear if you’d be interested in anything more musical on my blog- answers on a post card!


(All photos shown above are my own, if you do use them elsewhere- please credit where appropriate)

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