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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...


I’d take care of you if you’d ask me to

(Playsuit:Inlovewithfashion, Hat:Miss Selfridge, Shoes: So You Shoes, Rings: Jimmy & His Girl, Necklace: Bad Passion)

If I had to describe my style in 5 words I’d probably say; girlie yet tomboyish, easy, colourful and nostalgic (okay, make that 6). With those words comes a collection of collared dresses, faded jeans, oversized t shirts and a lot of lipstick, so when I put on an all black outfit, pebble dashed with studs and grunge inspired jewellery I can’t help but feel I’m going completely out of my comfort zone, contrary to black being the go-to ‘safe’ colour. Nonetheless, I was pretty happy with how this outfit turned out, and although I feel this outfit may resemble something from my festival picks outfit post a couple of weeks back, it also makes a pretty good casual-come-going out outfit, which can only be a good thing!

Anyway! How have you all been? I’ve had a super busy week this week, so blogging has sadly taken a little bit of a back seat- sometimes it’s very hard to keep up! I spent the beginning of the week shooting with two VERY talented ladies, Kitty Gallannaugh and Lily from Redbrick Lipstick- which was so much fun (please check out their work if you haven’t!) and the latter busy at work. Additionally, I begin my next work experience placement tomorrow (wish me luck!) so am now trying to get lots of posts sorted for the coming week as well as planning some outfits (haha!)- phew! How have you spent this week of (mostly) sunshine?


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