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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...


Autumn brought you to me, speed from land to sea

(Dress: Ever Ours, Shoes: Office, Necklace: Ever Ours, Hat: Camden)

Recently, I’ve found myself far more accustomed to wearing a hat. Certainly not all the time (sadly, I’m still not that brave), but being someone with relatively fine hair (prone to going flat 5 minutes after styling- a.k.a brown smoke) it works as somewhat of a weather shield, and arguably a miniature ‘fashion statement’ when I’m trying to be a little bit hip and funky. I bought this hat a fair few years ago in Camden, certain it would be my key to becoming Daisy Lowe. Sadly, it wasn’t, and recently I found it tucked away on top of my wardrobe, gathering dust and thought I’d take it for a (metaphorical) spin. Luckily, I thought it added a punchy twist to this gorgeous girlie dress (a treat from the amazing Ever Ours, one of my favourite online shops), and although I’m still no Lowe, I can rest assured I’ve found a winning head accessory- hurrah!

Anyway! I hope you’ve all had a lovely first week of July, even if the weather has been slightly grim! I had a really fun first week of work experience, the team were absolutely lovely and ever so welcoming, which has been lovely- I’m more than excited for my second week (although don’t want it to end- boo). Tomorrow I’m spending the day at Lounge on the Farm in Canterbury with Cath Kidston and two of my favourite bloggers, but more on that later this week! Have you got any lovely plans this weekend? How are you beating the drip drip drop July showers?


(p.s I know my legs are almost as white as the wall, it’s something I’m working on y’all!
p.p.s check out the new ads on my sidebar, I will be introducing them properly in the next week!)

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