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A year of fewer questionable outfit choices, I finally found my blogging groove in 2012, and here you can find some favourite pieces, band interviews as they first appeared and a lot of hats too...


A big catch up…

(London Zoo, King Charles, Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral, Breakfast at The Quarter, The Quarter & view, Pizza Express)

Hello! Remember me? I do write this blog- but due to the busy busy week I’ve had (and the most inclement weather) outfit posts and general natter has been to a minimum! However, I thought I’d try and do a generic ‘catch up post’, to avoid maximum waffle in my next outfit post!

Anyway! By now, you may have seen my last post featuring Miss Selfridge and their amazing new Project 2 collection! I was so so excited to work with them for this project, and styling out the pieces was so fun- plus many were a little out of my comfort zone, so it was great to have a little play around with things I usually wouldn’t opt for- but fell in love with nevertheless! I’m looking forward to styling the pieces in with my more conservative pieces, so look out for that! Additionally, a few of the images got printed in a few weekly magazines (plus The Sun!) so I felt I had my little claim to fame, which was super exciting!

In the last couple of weeks I also went to London Zoo with Joe (which was amazing- my inner child LOVED the gorillas/monkeys) and enjoyed a couple of amazing burgers in Byron (not in the same sitting!) which I cannot praise enough! I also saw the amazing King Charles last week near to home, with support from an amazing band called We Were Evergreen. It was such an amazing gig and we were lucky enough to chat with him afterwards- we even had matching YSL arty rings (twinsies! haha) which made me feel ‘super trendy’. I was also lucky enough to see The Drums at the Roundhouse as part of the NME Tour, to which Boy George made an impromptu appearance which was very exciting!

This week I spent a lovely couple of days back visiting Liverpool, which was so nice! Made up of good food (Pizza Express, sausage baps and scones), good t.v (TOWIE anyone?) and even better company, it was a lovely way to enjoy the few days of sunshine Britain was graced with last week. I also interviewed the charming Liberty Vessels, so an interview with them will be up in the coming month!

Apart from that, I’ve just been working! Which isn’t as bad as it sounds-but did include me falling in love with- and going on a wild goose chase of stores for these trousers! I finally tracked them down and will hopefully be in my wardrobe by next week- so expect them in a post soon!

What have you all been up to this week? Who can I expect to see at the Company Blog Awards?x

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