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He’s not a boy that you can change, nor should you want to


(Dress: Whistles,Brogues: Office)

Firstly, sorry for the brief hiatus! I’ve had suck a busy week, with visiting Nottingham and work everyday (esp. during Sale time!)- it’s been tough to find the time to squeeze in any posts, or outfits- especially with it being dark so early! But fear not, I’m back with an armful of posts to keep you all busy- so I hope that compensates! Including recipes, outfits, and an interview with one of my favourite creative people at the moment!

Anyway, despite this being an arguably basic outfit, this is one of my current favourite dresses from work and it’s safe to say it’s fast becoming my go to outfit! I adore it’s shift shape, colour block and statement collar and it’s one of the easiest dresses to wear- not to mention perfect for next Spring/Summer. To be honest, I’d like to think that I’m in an uber cool sixties girl group when I wear it (a girl can dream) and if I had the time/skill I’d probably wear it with a beehive- probably a little OTT in this circumstance, but I tried it below, and although quite not up to Carrie standard, I think I like it.


I hope you’re all feeling festive and filling yourself with mince pies, quality street and hot chocolate galore! I’ll try and throw in a good few festive themed posts this week for good measure- ONE WEEK!


P.S Sorry if this post looks a little messy- I’ve had to teach myself the ultimate basics of HTML in order to make this work as Blogger didn’t seem to want to give me any easy options- shows I definitely should have listened more in ICT lessons…

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