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From starting university, to making the decision to leave (and winning my first blog award) - the year of 2011 was a big one for me- and I finally moved back to London to intern and dedicate a little more time to the blog...


she’s thunderstorms, lying on her front, up against the wall

(Dress: C/O Jessica Wright for Inlovewithfashion, Belt: American Apparel, Shoes: Topshop, Weird Dance Face: C/O me)

Now, I’m not usually one who opts for body con. Don’t get me wrong, I love it on others, and think it can be one of the most flattering types of garment when worn correctly, but on me I usually just prefer something a little less shapely and something a bit looser (mainly for when the food baby comes after dinner!)
Saying this, when I saw this dress from TOWIE’s very own Jess Wright I fell in love. I think it’s the fact the sleeves offer a little something else and mean it’s not solely focussed on the body skimming dress, but maybe because it offered me the opportunity to prance around in a somewhat Kate Bush manor, not feeling (that) stupid! Additionally, the dress was so soft, and although I teamed a belt with it (I seem to have a thing about putting a belt round EVERY dress) I think it would look just as good without, and was uber comfy- bonus!
Also, you may have noticed some gorgeous little blogs and shops taking a spot on my sidebar! On Twitter I mentioned that for this month I’d be offering free advertising as a trial (mainly to test how successful it is for people) and if all goes well will be doing it next month for a small fee, so if you’re interested let me know and I’d be happy to have your ad- obviouslyy spaces will be limited (less than this month) so let me know asap!
Happy Halloween all!

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