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This week, Wednesday was the day I purchased my (pricey) yet weekly/monthly installment of my favourite magazines- Elle, Company and the NME.

They’ve all got their fair share of interesting articles, beautiful pictures, clothes and some amazing bands to watch out for. However, in particular I love Jameela’s monthly article she writes for Company. She writes about everything and anything, and this month it really grabbed me- because (without sounding lame) I could really relate to it.

The article was about how she doesn’t drink and how it seems that almost ‘nobody can accept it’. I know it’s petty, but it’s how I’ve felt for ages. I’ve never been a drinker, and whenever I’ve told someone that, it can regularly be treated as an abnormality. In the last two years I’ve felt incredibly embarassed and childish about this, although I shouldn’t be- becasue everyone has different tastes in everything right? Almost all of my friends drink, and I have no problem whatsoever with it, becasue frankly I’ve never known otherwise. But somehow I nearly always feel the need to make up petty excuses as to why I’m not drinking that night. In the article Jameela says how ‘I don’t eat fish, either, yet noone’s ever tried to ram a mackarel down my throat’, which I can understand- it is pretty surprising how often people say how ‘they’re going to get you so drunk’. It is kind of wierd that not drinking is regarded as more of a problem then getting drunk, and after reading this I realise it really shouldn’t be.

So, if you do buy one thing this week buy Company (okay, and maybe Elle, Alexa does look pretty fiiiiine), not simply for the gorgeous clothes, interesting features (or the amazing BNTM girls with George Lamb) but for Jameela. Not only is she the face of T4, but she also made me realise I’m not doing anything wrong, nor have I ever been.


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