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Interview with Ms. Cupcake!

Walking towards the flamboyant colours and glossy finishings of her stall, you can almost sense Ms. Cupcake to be a cut above the rest- a breath of fresh air to the baking world if you will. Already attracting visitors from across the globe, and gaining thousands of website hits, her decadent (price friendly) vegan menu is filled with a stunning variety of cupcakes- enough to blow anyone away.

Being lucky enough to catch an insight to the life of one of London’s up and coming cupcake queens, I had a wonderful chat with the lovely lady herself and this is what she had to say…

When did you begin baking?
I’ve always been a really keen baker, but about a year ago I began baking cakes for weddings and styff- which was only part time. I began doing markets properly in March, when I only did one a week.

What inspired you to begn Ms. Cupcake?
Well, I was on television a few years ago, in which, after doing really well the judges suggested I should begin something like this. Some of my friends are also vegan, so it meant I could do something that they’d enjoy too! I also love decadence, and there’s nothing better than being able to provide that for others, along with making cakes for other people!

What inspires you?
Fruit inspires me- like I did my guava and watermelon cupcakes for example, which was tropical! I might get an idea, and it sits in my head and I think how I can make that into a cupcake and into reality- I can then play around in the kitchen! I also get inspiration from famous chocolates for e.g my Ferrero Rocher and After Eight cmint cupcakes! I also occassionally dream about cupcakes, so inspiration can come whenever!

Describe your personal style:
‘m a 1950’s housewife sweetheart! The housewife would totally rule the roost and owned everything with a glass of gin in one hand! Glamourous and efficient, kind of like Sam from Bewitched!

What do you do when you’re rarely not baking?
I have an addiction to a little thing called Twitter! I love cooking, baking and gin! I also love interiors, my house is completely red, white and black. I love tulip chairs, and accessories from the 50’s and 60’s! I also love working my magic in the kitchen and hunting for vintage antiques!

What’s next for Ms. Cupcake?
I hope to be working towards my own shop sometime early next year, which will be the first all vegan bakery in London!

It was so lovely chatting to Ms. Cupcake at Greenwich market, her bubbliness is almost as cute as her (extremely) delicious cupcakes, and if you haven’t already check her out here, or pay a visit to her homely stall at Greenwich market from Wednesday to Friday (10am-5pm) or altenatively at the Tea Rooms at Brick Lane on Saturdays and Sundays (11am-5pm)!

(Ms. Cupcake and I- with my Chocolate, Ferrero Rocher and Key Lime cupcakes!)


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